ACD’s cryogenic equipment is used in LNG applications, well service operations and the production and handling of industrial gasses. End-users include drilling and energy companies, aerospace companies, materials research, industrial gas facilities, steel plants, electronic industries, chemical plants, food production and alternative fuel applications worldwide.

Industrial Gas

ACD’s centrifugal pumps have been an integral part of the Industrial Gas industry for over 50 years. Typical applications include the transfer of nitrogen, oxygen, argon, hydrogen and other gases to stationary tanks or process vessels.   In the Industrial Gas sector, ACD’s reciprocating pumps are primarily used to fill gas cylinders with these and other specialty gases. Our low temperature turboexpanders are used in the air separation process and buffer filling, and nitrogen liquefiers.

Clean Energy  / Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)

ACD’s centrifugal pumps are used throughout the entire LNG value chain. ACD’s reciprocating pumps are used for gas fueling systems, land-based high pressure supply to power stations and pipelines, as well as LNG high pressure feed to L/CNG station vaporizers. Our cryogenic turboexpanders are used for nitrogen cycle liquefiers.

  • Fueling
  • Bunkering
  • Re-fueling
  • Pipeline

Well Services/ Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR)

In well service operations, ACD’s centrifugal pumps are used for two major applications: Boost pumps and transfer pumps. Our reciprocating pumps are used in nitrogen lifting, coiled tubing, fracking, leak testing and numerous other EOR operations.