Our Services

Our Services

We conduct in-house pump training programs, we maintain an extensive spare parts inventory to ensure minimal downtime, we train a knowledgeable, friendly staff to answer your questions, and our successful Pump Exchange Program will put your equipment on a cost effective components replacement schedule.

The Cryogenic Industries Service Companies are directly affiliated with cryogenic pump manufacturer ACD, the world's leader in the design and manufacture of cryogenic reciprocating and centrifugal pumps for over 45 years.

Our Service Menu includes:

Repair Services

Trained Technicians, Rapid Response

A major portion of our business is repairing the many cryogenic pumps and equipment manufactured by ACD, J.C. Carter, CVI, Cryomach, CCI, Cosmodyne, CS&P, and Cryostar.

With the expertise of our factory-trained technicians, we are able to service and repair most cryogenic pumps, either reciprocating or centrifugal, including individual Bellows Seal Repair. We take our repairs one step farther to include alternator and motor repairs.

Our facilities makes use of only genuine OEM parts for our repairs. Every repair completed has met all current factory specifications or it does not go out the door.

Our goal at Cryogenic Industries Service Companies is to produce a quality product and to reach the customer in a helpful and friendly atmosphere.

Spare Parts

Large Inventory, Prompt Delivery

Our large spare parts inventory consists only of genuine OEM parts which helps us ensure a quick delivery of repaired equipment. Its also ideal for providing you with any parts needed for in-house repair by your own technicians.

Our stocked inventory, which is controlled through a state-of-the-art computer system at many locations, holds reorder points on many of our commonly used parts to ensure that depletion of parts does not occur. If we do not have the part that you need in stock, we are linked directly to the computer system of ACD Inc. and will order your part with minimal loss of time.

Before our spare parts are shipped to you, they are cleaned for oxygen service and packaged securely as not to damage the parts through shipment.

Motor Repair

Fast, Efficient, and Affordable

Several Cryogenic Industries Service Companies maintain a motor repair shop that can accommodate any motor repair up to 1000 Hp.

Here is a sampling of the repair work provided:

1. General inspection of worn, broken or missing parts.
2. Inspect the shaft for straightness or run out.
3. Inspect the shaft for proper spacing and shim to correct tolerances.
4. Inspect shaft's bearing surface.
5. New bearings furnished and installed with special purpose grease.
6. Inspect end bell bearing surface.
7. Furnish and install new rubber slings.
8. Inspect stator windings for grounds, opens or shorts using non-destructive testing.
9. Re-insulate using Class F epoxy varnish.
10. Balance rotor and check for proper alignment.
11. Inspect seal on connection box.
12. Clean parts and assemble as original.

If you would like more information on the Cryogenic Industries Service Companies Motor Repair Department, contact your nearest facility or click here to email us.

Pump Exchange Program

Eliminate Costly Downtime

Our exchange program is designed and administered with the concept of keeping your cryogenic pumps pumping, while minimizing or eliminating costly downtime. To do this our members maintain an inventory of most-frequently-used components. These components are repaired to factory specifications and are exchanged in "like new" condition. The exchange program provides a vehicle for obtaining the absolute minimum downtime by having the exchange item on the shelf ready for shipment to you, while you are in production. The Cryogenic Industries Service Companies have offered the program on both reciprocating and centrifugal pump products since 1982.

Experienced equipment operators will frequently exchange the components of their system on a predetermined timetable. This can eliminate the disruption of production schedules and helps to minimize the additional billings for major parts which are not covered under the provisions of the program.

Save Time and Money

Because of the difficulty and expense involved in maintaining a stock of components for the Exchange Program it is necessary to limit the extent to which the repair cost of an exchanged component can be absorbed in the exchange fee. Simply stated, the exchange price covers the cost of keeping the components in inventory, ready for immediate shipment, and replacing the required "wear out" items when the old assembly is returned to the service center. If the Exchange Program were structured to cover the prospect of failure of any or all major parts, it would be cost prohibitive for customers to participate in the program. In order to cover the replacement cost of major parts (if needed), the concept of additional billing is employed.

How the Exchange Program Works

For every exchange performed with a customer, an invoice is generated which charges the standard exchange price for the particular assembly being exchanged. The transaction at this point is referred to as an "open exchange. When the worn assembly is returned to one of the Cryogenic Industries Service Companies it is disassembled and inspected by our trained technicians to determine if it requires any major parts replaced which are beyond the predetermined limits of the Exchange Program.

At this time the 'open exchange' invoice is updated to bill out all of the required parts that the exchange program covers, at no extra charge to the customer, as well as any 'additional billing' that is required on the repair of the assembly. These 'additional billing' items will be charged to the customer at the Cryogenic Industries Service Companies standard list pricing on this invoice.

For each pump or sub-assembly maintained in the exchange program, the Cryogenic Industries Service Company provides a document which states what parts are and are not covered under the open exchange billing. It is recommended that customers who are using the Exchange Program for the first time obtain a copy of this literature and familiarize themselves with its contents before exchanging the component. This will eliminate confusion if additional billing should become necessary when the exchange is closed out.

If you would like more information please call your nearest Cryogenic Industries Service Company provider or click here to email us.

Units Available in the Exchange Program:

  • SPD WARM END CO2 (34895-1)
  • SPD WARM END N20 (40249-1)
  • CRYO CHEM COLD END P1600, P1660, & P1740
  • ** 3" & 4.5" COLD END
  • TC-42
  • CARDOX CO2/N20



Please call for other exchanges.

Alternator Exchange Program

The North American Cryogenic Industries Service Companies have offered an alternator exchange program for over 15 years. The program offers brushless alternators (P/N 48600-1 & 23930-1). All of the exchange units are repaired to the most current specifications. Customers will have 30 days to return the used alternator, freight prepaid, to the nearest Cryogenic Industries Service Company.

Alternators, other than the PCS brushless non-geared models, can also be repaired although we do not have an exchange program for geared or brush-type alternators. Customers will be responsible to prepay freight on the used alternator being returned to a Cryogenic Industries Service Companies.

Warranty for exchanges or for repaired alternators is ninety (90) days from the date of start-up, or 120 days from the date of shipment, whichever comes first. Capsci alternators are not acceptable for exchange but can be modified to our groups specifications or repaired.

Customers return of exchange units must be of the same design shipped as a unit (not in pieces) and capable of being tested upon arrival at a Cryogenic Industries Service Companies facility.

Some items are not covered by the alternator exchange program and may be billed separately. Some examples of such items include bearing brackets (fan end and drive end), fan, fan cover, junction box (4 pieces), rewind exciter rotor/stator, lamination replacement, conversion from diode to solid state, and conversion to external rectifier.

If you would like more information on the Cryogenic Industries Service Companies Alternator Exchange Program, contact your nearest facility or click here to email us.

Bellows & Ring Seal Repair

The Cryogenic Industries Service Companies offer a bellows and ring seal repair service with standard pricing. Because original equipment seals will out last other types by a substantial margin, we have put together a comprehensive procedure for repair of our original equipment. The process includes removing old carbon, inspecting, testing, replacing carbon, and hand lapping to specification. Ring seals are inspected and lapped or replaced as required. If a seal is sent in that is non-repairable, we will replace it at your cost. This insures you of exceptional reliability and a more economical use of your centrifugal pump. We also recommend that you purchase the entire seal kit at the time of repair to complete your order and assure proper replacement.

If you would like more information on the Cryogenic Industries Service Companies Bellows and Ring Seal Repair services, contact your nearest facility or click here to email us.

Pump Training

Cryogenic Industries Service Centers offers a comprehensive Pump Training, which provides training in theory, as well as hands-on experience. This Pump Training is generally offered twice a year (Spring & Fall) at each of our service facilities.  Click here for Pump training flyer.

Training Schedule - 2019


April 2 - 3............................Santa Ana, CA
April 9 - 10..........................Atlanta, GA
April 16 - 17........................Houston, TX
April 23 - 24........................Pittsburgh, PA


September 10 - 11...............Pittsburgh, PA
September 17 - 18...............Houston, TX
September 24 - 25...............Atlanta, GA
October 1 - 2........................Santa Ana, CA

For further details or to sign up for a training, please contact pumptraining@cryoindservice.com.

Warranty Information

Click here to download a copy of this warranty information sheet as a PDF file

Goods manufactured by Seller -- Seller warranty to the original buyer that its new goods are free from defects in materials and workmanship. Seller warrants rated performance of its new goods, provided that such goods are used and maintained in accordance with the conditions set forth in the contract documents, including but not limited to, the operating and maintenance manuals, and installation and use criteria set forth in specifications are a part of this Agreement, or if there are none, under good operating, maintenance, and use conditions. Seller's obligation under this warranty is limited to the repair, or, at the seller's option, the replacement of any goods or parts thereof, which are within twelve (12) months of delivery to the original buyer, returned with the Seller's prior written approval FOB to the Seller's plant of manufacture, and, which, after examination, appear to Seller's satisfaction to be defective under this warranty. All costs of shipping, insurance, and risk of loss arising in connection with performance of this warranty shall be borne by Buyer.

Goods repaired by Seller -- Seller warranty to the original buyer that its new goods in the repair are free from defects in materials and workmanship. Warranty on the repaired goods exist for ninety (90) days upon delivery. Seller reserves the right to make the final determination of warranty on all repaired goods. Sellers obligation under this warranty is limited to the repair, or at the sellers option, the replacement of any goods or parts thereof returned with Seller's prior written approval FOB to Seller's plant of repair, and which, after examination, appear to Seller's satisfaction to be defective under warranty. All costs of shipping, insurance, and risk of loss arising in connection with performance of this warranty shall be borne by Buyer.

Components Purchased by Seller -- Seller shall attempt to obtain, in its subcontracts, with each supplier of components not made by Seller, a provision that the subcontractor's standard warranty, if any shall survive Seller's inspection, acceptance, and payment, and shall run to Seller, its successor, assigns, and customers.

Designs -- Seller warranty to the original buyer of its designs that such designs satisfy criteria and specifications set forth in the contract documents. Sellers obligation under this warranty is limited to redesign if, within twelve (12) months after delivery to the original buyer, buyer demonstrates to sellers satisfaction that said design criteria and specifications were not satisfied by Seller's design. If Seller manufactures the goods in accordance with Buyers specifications, Seller shall have no liability whatsoever for defects in design or failure of performance of the goods.

Technical Assistance -- Seller warranty that services shall be provided in a professional manner. Seller's obligation here under is limited to the providing of services by its employees or agents at the time and place, and to the extent specified in the Agreement.

There shall be no express or implied warranty of merchant-ability beyond the express terms of the Agreement, unless expressly agreed by the Seller in writing. Seller does not warrant its goods as to their fitness for any special use or function or as to their life after sale to buyer and/or to subsequent buyers or users of the goods. There are no warranties, express or implied, arising from course of dealing, course of performance, or usage of trade which extend beyond the face of this Agreement. Seller neither assumes nor authorizes any person to assume for it ant other liability in connection with the sale of its goods.

Seller has no responsibility whatsoever for reimbursing Buyer or its customer, nor shall Seller be liable in damages for repair or replacement costs incurred by Buyer or its customers in connection with the goods or parts thereof without Seller first having given its written authorization for such charges and without Seller having an opportunity to perform its obligations as herein above set forth. Seller's warranties as herein above set forth shall not be enlarged or affected by, and no obligation or liability shall arise or grow out of the Seller's rendering of technical assistance or service in connection with Buyer's order or the goods furnished here under Buyer's assertion of any rights under this warranty provision shall be in writing and shall specify with particularity the alleged defects in the goods.

March 27, 2000