Centrifugal Pumps

ACD offers an unparalleled array of standard centrifugal and reciprocating pumps for the cryogenic industry. ACD equipment has been used in oil fields, exploration sites, aerospace, material research, space programs, industrial gas facilities, steel plants, electronic industries, and alternative fuel projects worldwide. ACD offers a broad range of Centrifugal Pumps ranging from one or two stage pumps to submerged pumps with up to four stages for the handling of LNG, nitrogen, oxygen, ethylene, hydrogen and carbon dioxide. Power range starts from less than 1 kW to 100 kW for industrial gas and well service applications, and from 5 kw up to 100 kw for LNG.

All products are built to strict standards of quality and craftsmanship. For performance and safety, each pump is tested throughout production and prior to delivery.

ACD has nearly 4,000 submerged motor pumps in operation around the world.



  • Cold box mounted process pumps
  • Continues cool down operations
  • Flows to 2,500 GPM (9.500 l/min)
  • Gas riding seals
  • Labyrinth Seals
  • Heads to 4,500 feet (1.400 m)
  • Hydraulic, electric, gear and belt box drives
  • Mechanical composite seals
  • Operate in continuous cool-down
  • Single and double labyrinth seal designs
  • Submerged multi-stage barrel mounted pumps
  • Vertical sealless and submerged multi-stage barrel mounted designs available


  • Bunkering operations
  • Fuel loading pump
  • High pressure transfer
  • Liquid storage transfer
  • LNG re-fueling stations
  • LNG peaking plant
  • Low pressure marine fuel systems
  • Peak-shaving
  • Pipeline back up
  • Pipeline feed
  • Process send out
  • Process plant
  • Test facility support
  • Trailer boost pump
  • Trailer loading and unloading
  • Trailer off loading
  • Well service

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