Applications – ACD Cryo

Air Gases

ACD Cryo can supply a range of pumps and turbines for the air gases industry, our air expansion turbines are world renown and used by all the major air gas companies throughout the world.

Road tanker pumps
ACD Cryo supplies cryogenic pumps suitable for road tanker transfer duties driven by either electric or hydraulic motors. These pumps can be driven through speed increasing gearbox’s or directly coupled to the electric motor with speed control via a frequency converter.

Ground mounted centrifugal pumps
We have a range of ground mounted pumps suitable for transfer and process duties either directly coupled or gearbox driven. Additional to this we have a range of submerged motor pumps that can be ground mounted or tanker mounted that are suitable for inert air gases.

High pressure piston pumps
ACD Cryo has a large range of piston pumps suitable for flows from 1.4 l/min to 760 l/min and pressures up to 1200 bar.



ACD’s complete range of pumps for LNG and LCNG applications include the seal-less TC34 and AC32 series of skid-lng-marine-acdcryo-and-cqpsubmerged motor centrifugal pumps as well as the P2K and X9SG high pressure reciprocating pumps. A special version of the hydraulic driven TOP 260 or 215 pumps with a cartridge shaft seal is available for safely unloading LNG trailers.

The compact, seal-less “canned” submerged motor pumps are designed for long life with zero-leakage. They are used for refueling buses or trucks running on LNG, for off-loading trailers and for transferring LNG from one tank to another. All motors used for the seal-less pumps are variable speed type. The motor and bearings are cooled by the pumped cold liquid. The TC34 is supplied with a vacuum jacketed suction pot.lcng-apps-2

The submerged motor pumps often require to be driven at higher speed by means of a Frequency Converter. However, Frequency Converter’s need to be ventilated and the hazardous zone classification restrictions means that these Frequency Converter’s need to be located in a ‘safe area’. For road tankers this is not possible, however, we can overcome this problem by offering our hydraulically driven range of pumps to meet your road tanker requirements when confronted by this particular problem

For filling high pressure LCNG cylinders or buffer storage we offer the explosion proof execution of the vertical P2K with suction sump as well as the high capacity modular (up to 3 cylinders operating in parallel) X9SG series with vacuum jacketed “cold ends”.


ACD and ACD Cryo are the major suppliers of high pressure pumps for Liquid Hydrogen to such global companies as Praxair, Air Liquide and Air Products. The pumps are used for filling gas cylinders or buffer storage. Many projects are for government and military installations. ACD Cryo also supplied the LH2 pump for the prestigious “CUTE” bus refueling project in the U.K.

All LH2 pumps from the X9SG and SGV series have been approved and are ATEX certified for operation with Hydrogen.


Oil Wwell-service-appsell Service

The ultra high pressure and large capacity Liquid Nitrogen pumps that are used by the Oil Well Service companies to push inert gas (Nitrogen) down oil and gas wells, is one of ACD’s specialty products. The company has a long successful history of supplying an ever wider range of multiple cylinder reciprocating pumps to the oil and gas industry. Top of the line is the five cylinder 5-SLS-HD that goes up to 1250 liters/min or 1200 bar (at maximum 300L/min). Several sizes of Booster pumps will provide sufficient NPSH to the high pressure pumps. This product line is supported by an efficient Service and Spare Parts organization