ACD Cryo Service Information

Repairs and Maintenance

ACD Cryo has a modern workshop complete with a clean room and a test facility located in Bad Bellingen, Germany. The offices and workshops are located close to the French Swiss border with easy access via, road, rail or air. Our highly trained technicians can service or repair all ACD Cryo and ACD pumps and turbines. In addition to working on our own manufactured products, we also have the capability to work on many of our competitor’s equipment.

Through our Cryogenic Industries Global Service Center organization we are able to offer world wservice-spares-supplieside service cover for all our equipment. For our European customers we can offer service throughout Europe from our representatives located in Czech Republic, Italy, Russia, Spain, Turkey and the UK; plus of course our service and production facility at Bad Bellingen in Germany. All locations have workshops and clean room facilities.

Spares and Supplies

ACD Cryo holds thousands of parts and consumables on stock  for all pumps manufactured in Europe. We also hold some stock of parts for our US parent pumps. If we do not have some specific parts available for the US manufactured pumps, we can obtain them in quick time from our US parent company.


We have a number of customers that would prefer to have their equipment maintained to a high standard by the manufacturer and these customers have taken advantage of the tailored to suit maintenance contract packages that we operate. These contracts are geared around the specified maintenance interval as recommended by ACD Cryo for their equipment. However, where pumps are operated well below their maximum operating design capabilities, we have, after careful monitoring been able to increase the mean running hours between services. This reduces the maintenance cost to the customer whilst at the same time decreasing the down time experienced when pumps are removed for service.

We can also offer a fully managed maintenance scheme whereby ACD Cryo along with the client agree a schedule of repair for the equipment and ACD Cryo monitors the equipment by regular site visit at pre-agreed interval over the term of the contract. ACD Cryo takes the responsibility for maintaining and warranting the equipment between services over the lifetime of the contract.

We offer our customers two options for service exchange on our most common pumps.

Option 1
For customers that do not wish to set a regular preventative maintenance programme in place ACD Cryo offer a service whereby we exchange the cold end, warm end or both and charge the full repair cost of the returned units. For our customers that do not wish to hold any spare parts or warm / cold ends and also do not wish put a maintenance contract in place but are prepared to accept an unknown repair cost with a minimum of down time, this service is a good option.

Option 2
ACD Cryo offers a “standard exchange program” that is designed and administered with the intention of keeping your cryogenic piston pumps in operation and minimizing or eliminating costly downtime. To do this we maintain an inventory of most-frequently used cold ends and warm ends ready for use. These cold ends are repaired to "as new" condition. The exchange program provides an opportunity for obtaining the absolute minimum downtime by having the exchange item on the shelf ready for shipment to you, while you are in production.

Experienced equipment operators can exchange the components of their system on a predetermined maintenance schedule which allows for pre-planned downtime and eases the disruption of production schedules. Because of the difficulty and expense involved in maintaining a stock of components for the Exchange Program it is necessary to limit the extent to which the repair cost of an exchanged component can be absorbed in the exchange fee. Simply stated, the exchange price covers the cost of keeping the components in inventory, ready for immediate shipment, and replacing the standard "wear items” when the old assembly is returned to ACD Cryo. Worn or damaged non standard items that need replacing will be advised with the relevant extra cost before we invoice. This enables the customer to revise the standard exchange purchase order to reflect the additional cost.

How the Standard exchange program Works
For every exchange performed with a customer, an invoice is generated which charges the standard exchange price for the particular assembly being exchanged. The transaction at this point is referred to as an "open exchange invoice.” When the worn assembly is returned to ACD Cryo it is disassembled and inspected by our trained technicians; if it requires any major parts replacement over and above those shown in the standard exchange programme we advise the customer prior to commencing the maintenance to enable the customer to amend their original PO and for ACD Cryo to adjust its open exchange invoice to a final invoice.

ACD Cryo provides a document which states what parts are and are not covered under the standard exchange programme. It is recommended that customers who wish the use the standard exchange programme for the first time obtain a copy of this literature and familiarize themselves with its contents before exchanging the component. This will remove any confusion if additional billing should become necessary when the exchange is closed out.


Having chosen an ACD Cryo machine, we are able to offer a review of the installation pipework and onsite commissioning at reasonable rates.